Skin Booster


Skin Booster Treatment

Skin Booster Injections can gradually improve skin elasticity and texture, as well as providing long lasting hydration.

It is great for face, neck, hands and  decoltage.

During the treatment, very fine injections will be delivered to the surface of the skin, which gradually improves skin quality. Two treatments 4-6 weeks apart, followed by regular maintenance every 6-8 months is all you need to have beautiful skin all year round.

We are offering complementary facial assessment and treatment plan according to your concerns and budget. Each treatment plan is individual ,therefore a free consultation is essential prior to any treatment.


Summary of Your Skin Booster Treatment


  • Procedure Time (30min.- 1 h)

  • Full Recovery (48-72 hrs)

  • Results (3-6 weeks time )

  • Maintenance necessary

  • Risks and complications ( bruises, swelling after treatment are expected but not always happens ) Infection and allergic reactions are rare but possible

2mls of Skin Booster was used

Skin Booster Injections on Hands - 1ml  was used  per hand.- pictures  were taken two weeks after procedure (Two treatment necessary 4-6 weeks apart)


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